The Haussmont house

Welcome to the world of Haussmont, French jeweler. We drew our inspiration from the refinement of Avenue Montaigne and the elegance of Boulevard Haussmann, where luxury and elegance are on every street corner, in order to embody French excellence in jewelry. .

We have made our passion for noble and precious materials our trademark. We only work with premium materials, such as 18k gold and diamonds, to create high-quality jewelry. In addition, we only sell online in order to minimize costs as much as possible, and to offer jewelry at lower prices than our colleagues.

We are proud to perpetuate this tradition by offering exceptional jewelry that combines artisanal know-how and modernity. Our style is assertive and recognizable at first glance. Each piece is designed with an eye for detail and perfection, to offer you unparalleled refinement and purity. Nothing is left to chance in the creation of our jewelry, to guarantee you a unique and unforgettable experience.

At Haussmont, we are committed to tomorrow's challenges in terms of eco-responsibility and traceability of the materials we use. We are proud to support an ethical and environmentally friendly sourcing chain, to bring you jewelry that is not only beautiful, but also ethical and sustainable.

By choosing Haussmont, you are choosing much more than a simple jeweler. You choose a brand that embodies excellence, commitment and innovation. We pride ourselves on creating jewelry that reflects our passion and expertise, and we hope our creations will transport you into our world.